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1. Do you take insurance?
Yes, we take most insurances including Medicaid. If you have a co-pay, we prefer to collect at the time of treatment.

2. What do I need to schedule an appointment?
If we are accessing your insurance, you will need a prescription for evaluation/treatment from your doctor prior to initial visit. 

3. What should I bring to the first appointment?
Please bring your insurance card and copies of any previous evaluations, physician reports, or educational documents (such as IEPs).

4. How long is a treatment session?
Sessions are typically 45 minutes long. Some children struggle with that length of time or do not need it, so we reduce the session to 30 minutes.

5. How are appointments scheduled?
Appointments are scheduled on the same day, same time each week until treatment is completed or request is made to change.

6. How often does my child need to come in?
Typically, one time a week is sufficient for most children to make progress. Sometimes we recommend twice a week.

7. Are you taking new clients?
Please call for clinician availability.

8. Do you offer physical therapy?
YES! We now offer physical therapy. 

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