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Therapy Approaches

A system of rhythmic exercises that promotes attention, sensory integration, and visual tracking.

Beckman Oral Motor Treatment
A protocol that uses assisted movements and stretches to improve oral-motor function.

Brain Gym
A system of simple movements to improve learning, decrease stress, and improve brain function. 

Education treatment plans to develop processing skills, learning strategy training, and academic skills.

Education Through Music (ETM)
An education program using song and play to build the imaging system, symbolism, and language. 

A biofeedback method of teaching heart-brain coherence to sustain positive emotions and to benefit the body-mind activities in how we perceive, think, feel, and perform. 

Integrated Listening Systems (iLs)
A brain fitness approach, the Ear-Brain program uses classical music and movement to facilitate processing of sensory, cognitive, and emotional information.  

Interactive Language Program (iLs)
Builds on the basic iLs Ear-Brain program by providing auditory feedback in language activities.  

Social Thinking
An approach designed for individuals with autism and others with social skill impairment that teaches awareness of self and others as it relates to social contexts.

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