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Whole Child Solutions

We are a small private practice that offers children and young adults academic, occupational, and speech therapy to improve literacy and learning life skills such as eating, dressing, and hygiene, self-regulation, and communication. We embrace a whole-child perspective by identifying the child's neurological strengths and weaknesses, then implementing a multi-modality treatment plan that fosters brain growth.

We value a client-centered approach to deepen family's understanding of the child's functional levels and facilitate progress. Those who are essential to the client's daily life are invited to observe and/or participate in therapy.  Parents, siblings, behavioral therapists, in-home counselors, grandparents, and childcare workers have shared in the therapeutic process.

Our services include:

  • Free screening

  • Comprehensive evaluations

  • Treatment

  • Second opinion regarding other evaluations, educational concerns, and IEPs.

Prior to any evaluation or treatment, we will review your insurance coverage with you.

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